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Enemy Spotted Studios is a veteran owned and operated Miniature Design Studio based in the United States of America. We're a couple of army guys creating our dream miniatures full of realistic poses and gear you won't find elsewhere. 

10% of all orders go towards fighting veteran suicide with donations made to Mission 22

We focus on providing you great customer service alongside the most accurate and realistic miniatures possible.

Our designs and games are created with a complete attention to realism. We ensure every kit we work on is as true to life as possible. Working hand in hand with actual Group members, active duty serviceman, and sometimes we even draw upon our own experiences. 

KILLWAGER, our upcoming near future tactical game and our Near Future "Mil-Spec" sci-fi Range are all created with the utmost attention to detail and reality possible. Despite being science fiction we apply real world physics, kit, tactics, and equipment to create a unique blend of recognizable designs and science fiction technology.

If you have any issues with our products feel free to reach out to us.

Have some awesome ideas? Hit us up, we love it.


Enemy Spotted Studios


What size are your miniatures? -

Our miniatures are either scaled for 28mm gameplay or 1/72nd. This means that they are approximately 30-32mm to the top of their head if they were standing up straight. 

Some science fiction-based miniatures will be larger due to the armor or technology.

We design and sculpt our miniatures in realistic proportions. This means we use actual proportions as they should be for head, hand, and limb sizes. All of our weapons and equipment are properly scaled to their real life counterparts. Many other companies exaggerate hands and heads providing cartoony or "heroic" looking models. We forgo these methods and provide only the most accurate detail possible.

What material are your miniatures made of? -

We 3d print or resin cast ALL of our miniatures in a hard resin for several reasons.
Using extremely high accuracy 3d printers we can offer not only an easily customizable material but also ship our customers what is essentially a "Master" of each model. We outsource to a specialty printing company that utilizes professional grade printers to ensure the highest accuracy and detail on the market rather than batch cast in poor quality metals that progressively lose detail cast after cast.

3d printing also allows us to create models that would usually be impossible to cast. With details that may overhang being simply printed on the model instead of separate fiddly and hard to glue together pieces.

It also lowers the numbers of parts, cleanup, and packing required per model. 

Our 3d prints are more detailed, easier to assemble, and cleaner than any other method.

Do you include bases? -

Most products do not include bases. Feel free to order some of ours to add to your order.

Have an issue? -

ORDER# - NAME - EMAIL - STORE NAME (Either Enemy Spotted Studios or KILLWAGER)
In the subject please note the PRODUCT NAME in Bold you had an issue with and a description of the problem.
If possible please attach an image of the issue
PLEASE EXPECT UP TO 2 WEEKS FOR a new item/response 
If this is not followed correctly you may not receive a replacement or resolution.


Enemy Spotted Studios provides some of the most highly detailed, combat minded miniatures I know.

What is great about them is the emphasis on proper human scale.

No big heads and unwieldy weapons here, just the real looking kit the size it would be on a person, being used how it would be used.

The 3D printed miniatures come with most, if not all, of the supports removed, and in those cases that they were present it was to safe guard a delicate portion.

All came in the state that they were advertised and look fantastic. The fun little touches on some of the models bring out real character. To top it all off Enemy Spotted Studios gives 10% of the sale to Mission 22 to help veterans.

- Geoffery

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