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Ultra Modern to Near Future combat

  • Living World that changes with every season

  • 1-8 28mm/32mm Models per side

  • 2x2,3x3, or 4x4 board

  • No templates or tokens required

  • Completely Customizable Forces

  • Built-in Solo/AI gameplay

  • Fast-paced sub 30-minute games

  • Highly Lethal, Highly tactical

  • Easy Learning Curve, hard to master

  • Narrative based missions with asymmetrical objectives



Near Future Military Realism 

Highly lethal gunfights and simulated battle drills are at the core of KILLWAGER.

A still target is a dead target, keep your speed up or rely on heavy body armor and an even bigger weapon. Close combat is fast, brutal, and usually one-sided with machetes, elbows, and even attack hyenas. Wage an intel war and disable your opponent's communications with intuitive hacking rules.


No battle is the same and your opponent will keep you guessing. Reveal intel and enemy models using UAV's, scans, local intelligence, hacking, or rush in blind and hope for the best. Use your hidden units to outmaneuver and surprise your opponent with weapons he had no idea you brought to the field.

One of a kind reaction system

Unique reaction system, sprint all out to objectives and be defenseless or play slow and tactical shooting as you go. Engage the enemy on your terms or outmaneuver them with coordinated battle drills and hacking.

Combat gambling

Fully customizable forces.

Hire the cheap local farmers or the professional mercs for a lower payout but a higher chance of winning. Pay for airborne deployment but limited troops, or hire a one-man killing machine in a hard suit, just watch out for his criminal background!


I'll start with some of the basics that just sing to me:

1. One thing I never liked about other more popular war-games, is that you have all these big stat blocks that a; you have to remember, and b; rarely ever make realistic sense. Excuse me while I look up 3 relevant stats and do some unnecessary math before I shoot you with my turbo ultimate blaster gun of doom. Oh wait, KILLWAGER doesn't have stat blocks for units in the game! Winning already.

The game itself plays fast. The goal for KILLWAGER was to create a game that you could play in a sitting, not a whole day. As an extremely busy entrepreneur, this is very important to me. WH40K became far too time-consuming. KILLWAGER allows me to set up a few games in one night where a few friends can get together, have a few beers, and commit wargames against each other on an easy to manage 2'x2' board. The rules were designed to keep the game simple while not sacrificing narrative capabilities. This allows for easy-to-pick-up rules with some very epic moments in each game you play.

Now, on to the game itself. For starters, games are fast. Even when I was being taught the basic rules, a game was knocked out in 45 minutes. I have played a lot of tabletop games, but I haven’t gotten the chance to play many war games. Often times I found cost of entry to be too high, or the community to be less than welcoming, neither of which are apparent in KILLWAGER.

We each played with a force of four minis and had specific objectives scattered across the terrain with which we had to interact to complete the mission. Additionally, there were NPC models on the board that made life hell for both of us. As soon as my units walked onto the board, they were engaged by fanatical locals of an unnamed city on the planet ABOL. Head Good had his units pinned down by an automatic sentry turret, and by my grenadier.

The status and conditions affecting our models were noted with D4 and D6 on a stat card that sits just off the battlefield. This allows for an extra degree of immersion than having your board littered with dice and tokens. This also allowed for more room for scatter terrain across the board to make the location much more visually appealing.

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