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No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

What you get:

Flat Discount on all ESS and KILLWAGER Products

Free worldwide shipping on orders over $25

An entirely separate set of products and offers

Access to the DISCORD channel to chat and preview new models


PACK members always have access to out of stock products

Access to "micro Kickstarters" to get the models you want made!

why join the pack?

Not only are you getting badass models but you're helping veterans in need. 
10% of THE PACK goes to fighting veteran suicidce.

With THE PACK you get access to new releases early, and certain models and sets available to THE PACK members only.

You have the option to receive a new model EVERY MONTH that will never be offered elsewhere.

You can join in on "Goonstarters" Micro crowdfunding campaigns to get the models you want made. These are often times limited edition models that are never publicly available.


lowvis fighters, HYENAS, and more!



James, R

Enemy Spotted put out some of the funniest and best looking sh*t I've seen. These guys have the best vet humor with some amazing models. Proud to support these guys and mission22.

Michael, M

Digital files A+. Had some issues printing a specific file and ESS reached out within minutes. I didn't even message him, he just found my comment on Facebook. 2 minute video call later and I've got a great-looking little bird on my table.

Ryan, L

Always happy to support other vets. These guys continue to impress me with their energy and great looking models. 

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